February 1961 Late Yutaka Hasegawa, former director of the firm, practiced his business of sale and repairs of  automobile tires at  Aoi-cho, Hamamatsu City under the trade name of MARUTOYO Rubber Industries.
March 1968 The trade name of the firm was changed from MARUTOYO Rubber Industries to MARUTOYO TIRE REPAIRING FACTORY.   At the same time, the firm set up a factory and started business of assembling rims for two-wheel vehicles and for painting hubs at Azukimochi.
January 1971

Marutoyo Tire Reparing Factory was renamed as Marutoyo Tire Reparing Factory Company, Ltd. and reorganized as a juridical person. (Capital: 1,000,000 yen)

October 1974 Sales Department was moved to Azukimochi to Aoi-cho.  With this, the firm’s integral operation started.
1974_2.png1974 Azukimochi Factory
1974_4 .png1974 Azukimochi Factory
1974_3.png1981 Azukimochi Service Factory
September 1975 Factory building started at Osuga (now called Osuga, Kakegawa City)
December 1975 Building of Osuga Factory was completed and its operations started.
August 1978 Production and sale activities were divided into two separate departments, and the Sales Department was renamed as Marutoyo Tire Repairing Factory (with a capital of 3,000,000 yen) and the Production Department, Marutoyo Giken Industries Co., Ltd. (with a capital of 5,000,000 yen) each.
December 1979 Unification of Hamamatsu Factory and Osuga Factory was planned.  For this, building of a new factory was commenced at Ryuyo-cho in Iwata Gun (present day called Ryuyo, Iwata City).
May 1980 Building of the new factory was completed, consequently bringing this, closing down of Hamamatsu Factory and Osuga Factory.  The firm started its business as Aluminum wheel Painting Factory.
August 1981 Capitals of Marutoyo Tire Repairing Factory and Marutoyo Giken Industries, Co., Ltd. were increased to l0,000,000 yen each.
1981_5.png1981Ryuyo Factory Inauguration Ceremony
1981_2.png1981 Ryuyo Factory
1981_4.png1981 Ryuyo Factory
September 1983 Capital of Marutoyo Giken Industries, Co., Ltd. was increased to 30,000,000 yen.
October 1997 Former President passed away. Mr. Toyofumi Hasegawa was nominated as new president.
July 2000 M.A.T. (joint stock company) was newly created at Toyooka-mura, Iwata-gun  (now called Kaminobe Iwata City) as a conglomerate.
August 2005 Pretreatment process was changed to “chrome-free”.
March 2007 Business of M.A.T. (Conglomerate) Co., Ltd. was assigned to Marutoyo Giken Industries Co., Ltd.
February 2011  50th Anniversary of Company’s Founding was celebrated.
April 2014 Joint venture company(PT. ENKEI MARUTOYO PAINTING INDONESIA) with Enkei Corporation was established at Bekasi Indonesia.
1983_2.png1983 Utility work
1990_1.png1990 Ryuyo Factory
1994_2.png1994 Ryuyo Factory
1998_2.png1998 Ryuyo Factory Office
2011_1.png2014 Ryuyo Factory Office
2011_2.png2014 Ryuyo Factory